Aversion therapy

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Sexual Aversion Disorder

Research. The information contained below is not a claim of the efficacy of Aversion therapy, as there have already been multiple studies that indicate Aversion Treatment is the most effective intervention tool to reduce deviant arousal.

AversX is the leader in aversion treatment therapy.

Aversion Therapy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

We are standardizing the treatment tools for more consistent and reliable results. Arousal reconditioning attempts to change sexual feelings based on the theory of behavior conditioning. Ivan Pavlov developed this theory in the early s based on his studies of dog salivation. aversion therapy pronunciation.

How to say aversion therapy. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more. Aversion therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that involves repeating pairing an unwanted behavior with discomfort.

For example, a person undergoing aversion therapy to stop smoking might receive an electrical shock every time they view an image of a cigarette. In this short two-minute artefact William tells us how his partner Charlie killed himself after going through aversion therapy in the sixties.

Aversion therapy was.

Aversion therapy
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