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David Walliams: Facts and Information

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He does it in such a way that I clean feel would be more beneficial for young people to read.

Gangsta Granny - The Orchard Theatre

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Mr Stink by David Walliams

GANGSTA GRANNY is a children's comedy about a boy who discovers his Granny has a secret life as a jewel thief. LANGUAGE Uses of very mild bad language, such as 'blimey' and 'blooming'.

Gangsta Granny “In fairness to the boy she does stink of cabbage,” agreed Mum, as she applied some last minute lip-liner. “You’re not helping, wife,” muttered Dad. Upload photos of your kids’ World Book Day costumes to and WIN a family ticket to Gangsta Granny & a copy of the book, signed by David Walliams!

World Book Day celebrates its 20th Anniversary on Thursday 2nd March

Book report on gangsta granny
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