Stereoselective reduction of camphor lab report

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Reduction of Camphor

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Reduction of Camphor

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Stereoselective reduction of camphor lab report

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Hydride Reduction Reactions: A Stereoselective Adventure

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Further follow-up is supposed to fully understand the efficacy of these ideas. Inspection of a molecular model of camphor will reveal that the exo face is considerably more sterically hindered than the endo face, due to the presence of one of the geminal methyl groups. Since "endo-attack" of borohydride avoids this steric interaction, we might predict that it should proceed faster than exo-attack, leading to stereoselective reduction.

Start studying Chem Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. In the sodium borohydride reduction of camphor, isoborneol is the major product owing to: a.

solvent effects b. electronic effects a. sodium borohydride is more stereoselective than lithium aluminum hydride. If isoborneol is oxidized to camphor, and then camphor is reduced, it will form two products (isoborneol and borneol) due to the fact that there are two possibilities for a nucleophilic attack.

Figure 1: Figure one shows the mechanism for the oxidation of isoborneol to form camphor%(12). of camphor? Explain.

7. Questions to answer: a. This reduction reaction has planar component (ketone), yet is stereoselective. Normally planar substances have no stereoselectivity. What causes the stereoselectivity in this reaction?

b. Predict the major isomeric alcohol formed by the hydride reduction of norcamphor (see below). Explain why. Reduction of camphor to a mixture of borneol and isoborneol was performed using NaBH4 as the reducing agent under suitable conditions. Although more effective reduction was accomplished using.

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Stereoselective reduction of camphor lab report
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Reduction of Camphor: Lab Experiment