Substages of post writing activities

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Child development theorists

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Prewriting Strategies

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Write a Postcard From Africa

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Post-writing activities help students polish their work. Many writers look at post-writing and rewriting as where the real work of writing begins. Teaching your students to complete post-writing activities with each assignment will help them to grow as writers and gain confidence in their writing skills.

One of the most important requirements for designing effective writing tasks is to think of coherent, connected activity sets, which include pre-writing, during-writing and post-writing activities.

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Connected activity sets help students complete the writing task successfully and foster the process of writing. Sep 25,  · A basic overview of Piaget's six substages of the Sensorimotor stage, and a few of the critiques regarding it.

After or post-reading strategies provide students a way to summarize, reflect, and question what they have just read. They are an important component of the pre- during, and post-reading strategy and is the core of good comprehension. Jan 05,  · This activity puts your child's research and imagination skills to use as he makes a postcard that describes the many natural wonders of Africa.

This lesson enables your child to interpret what he reads and then translate them in both pictorial and written form/5(15).

Activities for Children in the Sensorimotor Stage. Parents and other caregivers can use activities to help infants learn during each stage of development.

Activities for Children in the Sensorimotor Stage

Developmental psychologist Jean Piaget believed that children go through four stages on their way from birth to adolescence.

Substages of post writing activities
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