The issue of bias in einhards book life of charlemagne

Life of Charlemagne

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The Life of Charlemagne

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The Life of Charlemagne

Inhe went to Charlemagne's court, where he was educated by an Anglo-Saxon monk named Alcuin. He got to know Charlemagne and became close to his son and heir, Louis the Pious. Einhard wrote a biography of Charlemagne that became one of the most famous books.

On the life of Charlemagne, also see online, The Monk of Saint Gall: The Life of Charlemagne Einhard wrote in imitation of the Roman biographer Suetonius (cafter CE), especially his Life of Augustus, which is also online.

Charlemagne is, of course, one of the most important figures in the history of Europe and understanding the life and especially the legend of Charlemagne is essential to understanding medieval culture and the entire history and mythology of knights, nobility, and courtly life/5.

The Life of Charlemagne has ratings and 60 reviews. Katie said: This is such a lovely little biography, and a lot of fun to read. The middle section, /5.

Other articles where Life of Charlemagne is discussed: Einhard: Einhard probably wrote his Vita Karoli Magni (“Life of Charles the Great”) about –, after he had left Aachen and was living in Seligenstadt.

Based on 23 years of service to Charlemagne and research in the royal annals, the book was expressly intended to convey Einhard’s gratitude for Charlemagne’s. Einhard tells of a people who are ‘ given to devil think to it no dishonour to violate and transgress the laws of God and man.’ (Einhard, The Life of Charlemagne) By using these techniques, Charlemagne and consequently Einhard justified a war with the Saxon.

The issue of bias in einhards book life of charlemagne
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