Writing a will in arkansas

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In addition, Arkansas allows a will to be made without witnesses if it is written by hand by the testator and signed at the end. § This is called a “holographic will”.

Holographic wills offer some convenience, but they come with the risk of making mistakes that could leave a will invalid. 6. Lastly, when you write your own will you'll need to sign it in front of two witnesses and a notary.

Depending on your state, a self-proving affidavit may also be included, to be completed at signing. When you write your own will, you let your final wishes be known and minimize the potential for disputes. Nuncupative (oral) wills are not valid in Arkansas, but handwritten (also called "holographic") wills are valid as long as its entirety is written in the testator's own hand and witnessed by "three credible, disinterested witnesses." Additional details of Arkansas laws concerning wills are listed below.

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Arkansas Requirements for a Will - Code, Witnesses (a) Any person, eighteen (18) years of age or older, competent to be witness generally in this state may act as attesting witness to a will.

Writing a will in arkansas
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